July 7, 2015

Announcement from Commissioner Holly Jones

A leader who knows the way
goes the way
shows the way
- John C. Maxwell

It is with great dedication to the citizens of Buncombe and hope for the future, that I announce my intent to run for re-election to the Buncombe County Board of Commissioners.

Our remarkable community deserves and demands: an excellent education system; effective public safety services; responsive human service delivery; innovative public health system; and a government committed to sustainability and environmental excellence.

I am running for re-election in continued pursuit of these community goals.

I am proud of Buncombe County’s many tangible accomplishments over the last few years which include:

  • Dedicated investment in public educators and new schools
  • Investment in sustainability and farmland conservation
  • Innovation in human services, focused on delivering excellent service to citizens
  • Renewed commitment to public health principles and greenway infrastructure
  • Focus on jobs retention and recruitment

We must build upon these successes and honestly recognize the significant challenges and demands ahead of us. There are challenges of job creation, income disparity, food insecurity, sustainability, equality, and access to affordable housing.

These challenges are each immense.

The way forward demands innovation, collaboration, and transparency. I have a proven track record as an elected official and community leader that is dedicated to those values.

There is too much at stake to be without engaged, informed and accessible leaders.

I ask for your support in the upcoming election and pledge to work harder than ever for the citizens of Buncombe, with tenacity and openness to all.

With leadership who knows the way, shows the way and goes the way, we will make Buncombe County a better place.

- Holly

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